Hey everyone, Brandon here. Wanted to chat about something real important to us – helping out our Arizona veterans. You might have heard about our PAW 1st initiative, and I gotta say, it’s hitting close to home in all the right ways.

Now, let me level with you for a sec. I did my time in the Navy from ’01 to ’06. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, let me tell you. Two tours in Iraq, they leave a mark, y’know? But it’s not just the combat stuff that gets you. Came back on leave once, and bam, there’s this tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Spent weeks there, pulling bodies out of the water. It’s the kind of thing that sticks with you, makes you see life a bit differently.

After all that, coming back home wasn’t easy. Dealt with some demons – alcohol, depression, the works. But you know who was there for me? Morty, my trusty dog. That furry buddy helped me through some dark times, let me tell you.

So, when we started PAW 1st, it was personal. We’re not just giving away a dog; we’re giving someone a lifeline, a friend who’s always got your back. Woody, our first trainee, he’s a real trooper. And shoutout to Neil over at Dog Training Elite in Mesa for helping whip him into shape.

To my fellow vets in Maricopa County, listen up. This ain’t just another program. It’s a chance to find some comfort, some support in a four-legged friend. Woody ain’t just a dog; he’s a buddy, a confidant, a reason to keep pushing forward.


Applications for PAW 1st are open until May 24th, 2024. Swing by our website, check out Woody’s story, and see if he could be the missing piece in your life puzzle.

Big thanks to everyone who’s had our backs on this journey – from the Steadfast Mechanical crew to our loyal customers. Together, we’re making a difference, one paw at a time.

Stay strong, stay connected,

Brandon “Fuzzy” Hayward
Steadfast Mechanical

Steadfast Mechanical is calling for U.S. Armed Forces veterans residing in Maricopa County to apply for the PAW 1st Initiative here via our website. The application window is open until May 24th, 2024. The selected veteran will be announced on Memorial Day, a day of remembrance and honor, reflecting the gravity of our mission.

Applicants Must: 

  • Be a US Veteran
  • Live in Maricopa County
  • Be willing to attend weekly training for up to 3-4 months
  • Have the means to care for a full-size dog.